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SunSirs: Insufficient demand caused domestic yellow phosphorus market price to fall in March

April 03 2020 11:30:23     SunSirs (Molly)

1.  Price trend

According to data from Sunsirs, yellow phosphorus prices fell in March. The average price of yellow phosphorus at the beginning of the month was 17,700 yuan / ton, and the average price at the end of the month was 16,500 yuan / ton. The price fell during the month by 6.78%.

2. Market analysis

Plutonium products: Yellow phosphorus prices fell this month. Yellow phosphorus companies started construction slightly. Recently, there are more companies planning to resume production. The prices of yellow phosphorus are generally low. The downstream procurement is not enthusiastic. The wait-and-see mood is obvious. The traders' mentality is unstable. about. The mainstream price in Sichuan is around 16800-17000 yuan / ton. The mainstream price of yellow phosphorus in Guizhou is around 16,200 yuan / ton.

Industrial chain: This month, the overall start of the domestic phosphate ore market has basically resumed. Among them, the phosphate ore market in Guizhou has recovered relatively quickly, and the operating rate in Yunnan is still not high. As of now, the domestic phosphate ore market is still largely stable after a small shock in March.

Guizhou: 28% grade phosphate ore goods factory offers around 320-340 yuan / ton; 30% grade phosphate ore goods factory offers around 340-370 yuan / ton.

Hubei: 28% ammonium phosphate ore board price is around 380-410 yuan / ton.

Yunnan: 28% ammonium phosphate mine car board quoted around 270-290 yuan / ton.

Panzhihua Coke (secondary metallurgical coke), the mainstream price is 1830 yuan / ton, is expected to remain stable in the short term.

The phosphoric acid market was not busy this month, and the overall wait-and-see atmosphere of the market was strong. The operating rate of the phosphate market is not high. Enterprises are waiting for the market for the time being, and the current order contracts are mainly.

3. Market Forecast

SunSirs' yellow phosphorus analyst believes that the overall domestic yellow phosphorus atmosphere is not good this month, the downstream demand is insufficient, and the wait-and-see mood is strong, which is difficult to form a strong support for the market. It is expected that the yellow phosphorus price will mainly operate weakly.

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