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SunSirs: Lithium Hydroxide Market Price Fluctuated and Rose Narrowly (April 9-16)

April 17 2024 15:06:00     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of April 16th, the average price of industrial grade lithium hydroxide in China was 106,600.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 0.57% compared to last Tuesday (April 9th).

Analysis review

Recently, the lithium hydroxide market had fluctuated and risen narrowly. Recently, the price of spodumene concentrate had been stable, while the upstream lithium carbonate price had remained stable with relatively stable cost support. The supply side finished product inventory was in the middle position, and the downstream high nickel production was extremely stable with an increase. The market atmosphere was active, and the demand side had increased to support the market's price mentality. However, the downstream intention to buy high priced raw materials wa still cautious, and the lithium hydroxide market was mainly subject to narrow adjustments.

Upstream lithium carbonate: According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, on April 15th, the reference price for lithium carbonate industrial grade was 108,800.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 1.68% compared to April 1st (107,000.00 RMB/ton). Recently, the price of lithium carbonate had undergone a narrow adjustment, which still provided sufficient support for the lithium hydroxide market.

Market outlook

According to Lithium Hydroxide analysts from SunSirs, the downstream market was temporarily mainly focused on following up on low demand, with reasonable cost and demand support. Business owners had a strong wait-and-see attitude, and it is expected that the lithium hydroxide market may fluctuate in a narrow range in the short term. The specific trend still needs to pay attention to market news guidance.

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