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SunSirs: The Sulfur Market Continued to Rise This Week

April 03 2024 11:01:30     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, the sulfur price trend in East China this week first rose and then stabilized. On March 31, the sulfur price was 1,070.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 2.23% compared to March 25, which was 1,046.67 RMB/ton, and an increase of 4.22% from the beginning of the month.

This week, the sulfur market continued to rise. The sulfur manufacturers in Shandong region were operating normally, with low market supply and active downstream procurement. On site trading was good, and some refineries had smooth shipments and lower inventory. The sulfur quotation continued to rise, and the overall sulfur market situation was mainly stable. As of the 29th, the mainstream price of solid sulfur in refineries in Shandong region was around 1,000-1,150 RMB/ton; The mainstream price of liquid sulfur was between 1,000-1,180 RMB/ton.

Downstream market trends in the industrial chain

The downstream sulfuric acid market had risen strongly, with an average domestic sulfuric acid price of 328.75 RMB/ton on March 31, an increase of 10.04% compared to the price of 298.75 RMB/ton on March 25. Due to the low load operation of some domestic devices, the inventory of acid companies had decreased, and the prices of manufacturers had increased significantly. Downstream terminal procurement was active, and the market trading atmosphere was improving. With the dual benefits of supply and demand, the price of sulfuric acid had once again increased.

The downstream ammonium biphosphate market was experiencing a weak downturn, with an average market price of 55% powdered ammonium biphosphate at 3,096.67 RMB/ton on March 31, a decrease of 1.06% compared to the price of 3,130.00 RMB/ton on March 25. The ammonium biphosphate market had weak trading volume, limited follow-up on new orders, pressure on manufacturer sales, weak downstream purchasing, insufficient demand support, and a downward trend in the price of ammonium biphosphate.

Market outlook

According to sulfur analysts from SunSirs, the sulfur market was characterized by tight supply of goods, low inventory levels among enterprises, strong supplier quotations, and a rising downstream market supported by favorable demand. On site trading was good, and enterprise shipments were smooth, with a combination of market benefits. It is expected that the sulfur market will continue to operate to be stronger in the future, and specific attention will be paid to downstream follow-up.

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