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SunSirs: Moderate Game between Supply and Demand, with a Narrow Rise in China PC Market in March

April 02 2024 10:23:42     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the bulk list data from SunSirs, the domestic PC market fluctuated and rose in March, with spot prices of various brands in some regions increasing. As of March 29th, the benchmark price for the mixed PC of SunSirs is around 16,150 RMB/ton, with an increase or decrease of +0.31% compared to the beginning of the month.

In terms of raw materials, the domestic bisphenol A market continued to be weak last month. Both upstream phenol and acetone have weakened, resulting in poor heat exchange and difficulty in supporting bisphenol A. Downstream enterprises have a slow consumption rate, and the pressure on traders remains unabated. The actual transaction volume is limited. It is expected that the bisphenol A market will operate in a weak and volatile manner in the future, with weak support for the PC cost side.

In terms of supply, the overall operating rate of domestic PC in March was relatively high, with an industry average operating rate of around 83%. In the latter half of the year, some manufacturers will undergo maintenance, and there is an expectation of a decrease in production. PC supply side support shows a strengthening trend at the end of the month.

In terms of demand, last month's PC consumption continued the lagging pattern of the previous month, with the main logic leaning towards digesting inventory. Downstream enterprises have poor stocking enthusiasm and weak demand. In addition, buyers have some resistance to PC sources with rising prices, but in the latter half of the year, there was a surge in mid stream restocking and volume, which boosted consumption. On the demand side, there was a slight increase in support for spot prices.

The PC market fluctuated and rose narrowly last month. The upstream movement of bisphenol A is weak, which provides poor support for PC costs. The load of domestic polymerization plants remains stable at a high level, and there is an expectation of tightening supply at the end of the month, with supply side profits exceeding spot prices. The pace of consumption development on the demand side is still lagging behind, and it is difficult to increase the volume of PC trading in the future. It is expected that the PC market in the future will be constrained by weak terminal demand, and prices may stagnate before entering a consolidation market.


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