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SunSirs: On March 21st, the Price of Ethylene Oxide Remained Stable and Improved

March 25 2024 11:48:36     SunSirs (John)

List of prices for ethylene oxide in March

The price of ethylene oxide slightly increased in mid March. According to data from SunSirs, as of March 21st, the average market price of ethylene oxide in China was 6,900 RMB/ton, an increase of 100 RMB/ton compared to before the holiday; From a regional perspective, the ethylene oxide market in East China was priced at 6,700-6,900 RMB/ton externally; The listed price of ethylene oxide in the South China market was 6,900 RMB/ton; The listed price of ethylene oxide in North China was 6,900 RMB/ton; The listed price of ethylene oxide in the central China market was 6,800 RMB/ton.

As of March 21st, the domestic production of ethylene oxide had started relatively steadily, and there were expectations of tight supply in some regions. In the short term, there were some maintenance plans for individual units that needed to be fulfilled.

Overview of the ethylene oxide industry chain

The prices of downstream polycarboxylate water reducing agent monomers had rebounded, and the prices of related products such as ethylene glycol had started to loosen recently. Overall, the demand for downstream monomers was average, while the demand for polyethers, esters, and other materials for purchasing ethylene oxide was good.

Market outlook

The demand for downstream products of ethylene oxide may have positive expectations with the start of terminal real estate construction. The supply side is affected by factors related to production conversion, resulting in an improvement in supply expectations. However, overall, the downstream infrastructure industry is cautious about high priced monomers, and it is expected that the upward space is relatively limited, which may suppress the upward trend of raw material ethylene oxide. In the short term, it is expected that the price of ethylene oxide will continue to fluctuate to be stronger.

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