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SunSirs: Light Demand, China Egg Prices are Falling

February 27 2024 10:11:29     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the price of eggs at the beginning of this week was 8.21 RMB/kg, and the price of eggs at the end of this week was 7.50 RMB/kg, a decrease of 8.65%.

At present, the large-scale rain and snow weather in China has affected the transportation of eggs, limiting the export of eggs from production areas and increasing supply pressure. Egg traders have average replenishment enthusiasm, and the demand for centralized procurement in food processing factories, schools, and other areas has not yet increased. The overall demand for eggs is still relatively weak, and the industry has a clear bearish sentiment.

The price of eggs continues to decline. At present, there is an increasing trend in the production and inventory of laying hens in China, and the overall supply of eggs is still moderately loose. In Hebei, Hunan and other places, there have been some cases of individual poultry sheds being collapsed by heavy snow, and tens of thousands of laying hens have died. However, compared to egg supply, the impact is still not significant.

Eggs are currently in the off-season for consumption, and it is expected that egg prices will mainly fluctuate weakly next week.


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