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SunSirs: After the Holiday, Supply and Demand Were Weak, and the DMF Market Was Operating under Pressure

February 23 2024 14:16:32     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

According to the analysis system of the commodity market of SunSirs, as of February 22nd, the average price of premium DMF quoted by domestic DMF enterprises was 4,650.00 RMB/ton. After the holiday, factories had resumed work and production. As of February 22nd, the overall market was mainly stable, with a low operating rate on the supply and demand side, and the mainstream market price range was around 4,600 RMB/ton.

Analysis review

During the holiday period, the DMF factory was operating at a high load. As the enterprise resumed work and production, terminal demand had recovered. As of February 22nd, the spot market was slow to invest, and the pre holiday inventory backlog and consumption ere slow. The inventory pressure still existed, and the supply had increased after the holiday. Downstream enterprises mainly purchased goods on demand, and the overall market negotiation atmosphere was average.

This week, the overall market price of DMF was mainly rising, with prices maintaining at 4,650 RMB/ton. During the Spring Festival, DMF enterprises stopped work early, and some inventory was accumulated. As of February 22nd, enterprises were gradually starting work, and the supply side continued to increase. Downstream terminal demand was average, and inventory consumption needed some time. As of February 22nd, the overall market was under pressure.

DMF Commodity Index: On February 21, the DMF Commodity Index was 76.23 points, unchanged from the previous day, a decrease of 75.13% from the highest point in the cycle of 306.56 points (2021-10-24), and an increase of 13.42% from the lowest point of 67.21 points on February 21, 2016. (Note: The cycle refers to 2011-09-01 present).

Market outlook

SunSirs’ DMF analysts believe that the supply side of the DMF market had increased after the holiday, but downstream demand was limited, inventory pressure still existed, and consumption was slow. In the short term, DMF may show a stable and weaker trend, and companies are mostly adopting a wait-and-see attitude.

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