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SunSirs: On February 19, Adipic Acid Market Was Weak and Stable

February 20 2020 10:57:13     SunSirs (John)

According to the data of the SunSirs' large scale list, on the 19th, the domestic adipic acid market did not fluctuate, the price did not change much, the dealers still did not enter the market much, the resumption time of many places was delayed, the manufacturer's operating rate remained stable, slightly higher than last week, and the inventory pressure had an upward trend. Today, there are still dealers not in the market, and the resumption of work is not ideal. The market also showed that there was a price but no market. The prices were mostly flat last week. Many dealers did not offer prices for the time being, and the price reference was 8,100-8,300 RMB/ton. Large factories have resumed work more, but the operating rate has not yet reached the pre-holiday level. Most of the dealers 'inventory is pre-holiday reserves. This week, the dealers made rational purchases, and the social inventory has a downward trend compared with the manufacturers' inventory. In addition, affected by the traffic control, the speed of taking goods has further slowed down.


In the later period, SunSirs expects that as more dealers ushered in a large-scale resumption of work, the demand for adipic acid market is expected to recover gradually and prices are expected to rebound.


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