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SunSirs: TDI East China Price Market Runs Stably

March 19 2020 15:53:04     SunSirs (Molly)

The TDI Commodity Index on March 17 was 58.38, which was the same as yesterday and hit a historical low in the cycle, which was 76.46% lower than the highest point of 248.02 on October 19, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to present)

According to the data of the business agency list, on the 18th, the TDI market price in East China was 11033.33 yuan / ton, the market was weak, the downstream demand continued to be sluggish, and the intention to take goods was not good. The transaction price has become lower, and the overall raw material inventory in the downstream has become too rich. The intention to follow up has been particularly sluggish. The market has rarely heard about the transaction volume, and the atmosphere in the venue has become increasingly light. At present, the offer for domestic cargo delivery in East China with a ticket is 10500-10700 yuan / ton, and the offer for Shanghai cargo delivery with a ticket is 10800-11000 yuan / ton. In terms of toluene, compared with the previous trading day, Sinopec's South China-based enterprises today reduced the listed price of toluene by about 100 yuan / ton. The listing prices of Shandong refineries dropped today, and the prices of traders in East China fell. Due to concerns over health incidents, the international crude oil market continued to fall last night, and the price of toluene in the domestic market also fell.

According to SunSirs data analyst's analysis, atmospheric atmosphere is getting cold. Coupled with high downstream inventory, demand continues to be sluggish. Traders' intentions to pick up goods are not good. There are fewer downstream markets entering the market and turnover is lacking. It is expected that the domestic TDI market in the later period is difficult to be optimistic, and pay close attention to the factory's later policy guidelines and the actual market trading situation.

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