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Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh
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Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh


Stainless Steel dutch woven wire mesh.

Material: Aisi321, 302, 304, 304L, 316 and 316L stainless steel wire, black wire, Al5Cr23, Ni80Cr20, Ni60Cr15 and etc.

Weave: plain dutch, twilled dutch, reverse, five heddle weave.

Characteristics: acid resisting, alkali resisting, heat resisting and wear resisting.

Application: used for industries of mining, oil, chemical, food, phamaceutical, machine making, scientific research, aviation, etc.


Stainless steel dutch woven wire mesh  is one of our best products,it is exported to Russia,Ukraine,Italy,France and other countries in the world.

It is Widely used in Neutral chloride environment,oil refining industry,petrochemical and chemical industry,chemical industry transportation pipeline,oil and gas industry,pulp and paper industry,chemical fertilizer industry,urea industry,phosphate fertilizer industry,seawater environment,energy and environment protection industry,light industry and food industry,food and pharmaceutical industry equipment,high strength structure.

Plain weave:

Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next adjacent wire.

Plain dutch weave woven wire cloth has two sizes of wire diameter. The weft wires has thinner wire diameter, which is woven tightly together to provide a tight mesh for filtering. The warp wires has coarser wire diameter, which provides strength to the woven wire cloth.

Twill dutch weave

It is the extension of the twill weave. Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next two adjacent complementary wires, which is similar as twill weave. The wire diameter of warp wire is larger than weft wire. The mesh count in the weft direction is greater than the warp direction. Dutch twill weave enables the weft wires to be woven more densely and much smaller aperture sizes can be achieved.

Twill dutch weave is capable of supporting greater loads than the dutch weave. It has finer openings than the twilled weave. It is used for filtering heavy materials.

Reverse dutch weave woven wire cloth

Reverse dutch weave woven wire cloth has finer wire diameter in warp wire and coarser wire diameter in weft wire. and the mesh count in the warp wire is larger than the weft wire.


Woven wire mesh with various materials and weaving types has a wide range of applications, which the most common is filtration. Detail applications are in the below.

· Industrial filtration. Industrial filtration need accurate and effective filtration. We can supply the filter discs and sintered filter mesh for high efficiency and fine filtering.

· Food filtration.  has various types for food filtering and sieving, including water, oil and powder.

· Hops and hot breaks filtration. The bazooka screen is mainly used in the kettles, tuns and other containers to filter hops and hot breaks.

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