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TY-DWCWY-01 Human Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera
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TY-DWCWY-01    Human Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera


Low temperature thermometer helps to prevent and control COVID-19 epidemic

The first and second generation low temperature thermometer has been widely used in Shandong provincial Party committee, provincial government, provincial military region, provincial public security department, provincial market supervision bureau, Jinan two sessions, Jinan airport, Xinjiang epidemic prevention and control, middle school, University, college entrance examination, senior high school entrance examination, Longao building, Inspur Group, Dong'e Jiao Co., Ltd., Jinan maternal and child health care hospital, Jinan Second People's Hospital, Shandong Xinhang Building Temperature monitoring of COVID-19 epidemic prevention at the entrance and exit , Binzhou financial building, Shiheng special steel and other places.


More than 50 media such as Jinan news comprehensive TV station, China industrial news network, Dazhong daily, people's daily, Wen Zheng Jinan, Shandong Communications Radio and other media carried out tracking reports on the product, and published it on the "learning power" learning platform of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee. During the epidemic period, millions of cryogenic thermometers were donated to middle schools, universities, governments, enterprises and institutions The equipment has made great contributions to the prevention and control of epidemic situation.


Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera Solution ADVANTAGES

Core advantages: At the same time, it supports multi-target (10 people) temperature detection within 5 meters under the condition of - 20 ℃ to 40 ℃, and the temperature measurement accuracy is + / - 0.2 ℃; it supports the real-time uploading of temperature measurement process and value to the network and mobile phone client, and real-time video recording is conducted for 3 months.

Intelligent function: It supports temperature anomaly detection, linkage sound alarm and linkage white light flashing alarm

Thermal imaging function: Uncooled detector, resolution 160 × 120 (default 320 × 240 output), support agc4.0, DDE, 3dnr, dual light fusion image mode, support AI face detection.

Visible light function: 4 million star level 1 / 2.7 inch high performance CMOS; maximum resolution up to 2688 × 1520@25fps Visible light supports low bit rate, low delay and ROI enhancement coding, supports 3D digital noise reduction and supports 120dB wide dynamic.

Infrared related: support smart IR, support the opening and closing of over exposure of light supplement, support automatic and manual control under the opening, manually support the brightness control of fill light according to distance level, support independent configuration of two sets of parameters day and night, and support temperature detection within 5 meters under low temperature.


Low temperature thermometer TECHNICAL PARAMETER

Model parameters


Low temperature thermometer

Thermal imaging

Sensor type

Uncooled vanadium oxide detector

Maximum image size

160× 120(default 320 × 240 output)

pixel size



≤ 40mk(@25°C,F#=1.0)

Focal length of thermal imaging   lens




Field of view angle of thermal   imaging


Close range of thermal imaging


visible light

Sensor type

400 Ten thousand stars1/2.7" 

Progressive Scan CMOS

resolving power


Minimum illumination

0.005Lux @(F1.2,AGC 

ON) ,0 Lux with IR



Intelligent function

Linkage alarm

Support linkage white light alarm,Support linkage sound   alarm

Temperature measurement function

Abnormal temperature function

Expert mode of full screen temperature   measurement:10   points, 10 frames, 1 line, 21 temperature measurement rules in total

Body temperature measurement

Support AI face detection, multi-target detection of body   temperature at the same time

Temperature measurement alarm

Built in loudspeaker, the body temperature   is too high to trigger the alarm, "abnormal temperature, please check   the temperature"

Temperature measurement accuracy

Temperature measurement accuracy   (optional): accuracy of scheme without blackbody is ± 0.5 ℃; accuracy of   scheme with blackbody is ± 0.3 ℃

system parameter

Operating temperature and humidity

-20℃~40℃,<95% RH


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