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MMO Coating on Titanium
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MMO Coating on Titanium

Mixed metal oxide coating on titanium substrate are widely used as anodes in a variety of electrochemical processes,such as chlorine generation in the chlor-alkali industry, oxygen production, electrowinning of metals and cathodic protection. 

Application of materials with high conductivity and long term stability in electrochemical environments is considered as one of the main goals of electrochemical cell engineering.  metal oxides such as RuO2 and IrO2 with high conductivity and electrochemical activity have received considerable attention in the electrochemical industry as electro-catalyst. For further improvement in stability of these oxides other oxides like TiO2, Ta2O5 and ZrO2 are added to these active oxides.


Anodic evolution of chlorine and oxygen are the most important reactions in the application of these materials.Oxygen evolution reaction is the most important reaction in some electrochemical processes such as water electrolysis, metal electrowinning and cathodic protection.


In addition, this reaction is an unavoidable reaction that can proceed in many anodic processes. RuO2 based coatings like pure RuO2 and RuO2–TiO2 are very stable for chlorine evolution reaction. However, they are unstable for anodic oxygen evolution reaction and undergo heavy corrosion in acidic media. IrO2 is more stable for oxygen evolution reaction but it has a lower electro-catalytic activity for oxygen evolution. Thus mixed compound of IrO2 and RuO2 can be an appropriate electro-catalyst for oxygen revolution due to advantageous properties of both oxides.


Mxing two or more different oxides can influence the electrocatalytic properties of oxides by changing microstructure, surface composition and morphology of electrocatalyst components. In addition, the surface composition, morphology and microstructure of mixed oxide coatings are not homogenous and can be influenced by preparation factors and amounts of active oxides. 


Di Noer can customized the oxide coating materials according to different solution and environments for different using.

Ruthenium mixed oxied coated titanium anode is generally used in hydrochloric acid, electrolytic sea water, electrolytic salt water environment, environmentis.

Application:Non-ferrous metal electrolysis production,chloride salt electrolysis, salt/seawater electrolysis, metal foil manufacturing, surface electrochemical treatment of metal foil,disinfection,non-ferrous metal electrolytic extraction and recovery, organic electrolysis, cathodic protection, electrodialysis, acid-base ionized water production, industrial wastewater treatment And other fields.


Iridium mixed oxied coated titanium anode is generally used in sulfuric acid environment or other oxygen evolution environment.

Application:Non-ferrous metal electrolysis production, etching solution electrolytic copper recovery, surface electrochemical treatment of metal foil, organic electrosynthesis, cathodic protection, electrodialysis, acid-base ionized water production, industrial wastewater treatment and other fields.

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