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Labor Protection Gloves labour hand gloves
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Labor Protection Gloves     labour hand gloves   hand gloves for labour



1. Insulating gloves for live working: they must have good electrical insulation characteristics.

2. Acid and alkali resistant gloves: they must be air tight. Under specific pressure, air leakage is not allowed. They are divided into rubber acid-base resistant gloves, latex acid-base resistant gloves, plastic acid-base resistant gloves, and immersion plastic acid-base resistant gloves.

3. Oil resistant gloves: made of nitrile rubber, chloroprene or polyurethane.

4. Welder's gloves: personal protective equipment used to protect hands from high temperature, molten metal and spark during welding. It is made of cattle and pig hide leather or two-layer leather

5. anti vibration gloves: the structure is mainly in the palm of the hand to add a certain thickness of foam plastic, latex and air interlayer to absorb vibration.

6. Fire resistant and flame-retardant gloves: generally made of flame-retardant canvas or other fire-resistant and flame-retardant fabrics


Our labour hand gloves have a variety of styles and functions, such as: insulated gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, welder gloves, etc., and can also customize the color and logo, please contact us.


We produce wear plate steel, and we are also SD steel supplier, we can supply all kinds of metal products, and provide metallurgical equipment and labor protection supplies for international customers.


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