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Hose and Hose assembly
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Hose and Hose assembly     rubber hose manufacturers   flexible rubber tubing    hydraulic hose fittings



Hose and Hose assembly

1、Hydraulic hoses

Our wide range of high-pressure hoses are suitable for applications with normal to extremely high pressure, high impulses and high temperatures. Examples are hydraulics, high-pressure washing, chemicals, gas and spray paint applications.

2、Industrial hoses

In our broad selection of quality low pressure hoses, we have something for all application areas. Our industrial hoses offer low weight, great flexibility and a variety of dimensions.


We market an extensive range of pipes and related components to suit a wide spectra of materials for all sorts of applications in hydraulic, industrial and pneumatic systems.

4、Hose assembly

We provide a full range of hose assembly manufacturing services. Whether the objective is to reduce cost, increase quality, improve performance or secure stability of supply.


We produce wear plate steel, and we are also SD steel supplier, we can supply all kinds of metal products, and provide metallurgical equipment and labor protection supplies for international customers.


If you want to know more about SD steel, please click here to visit our website.


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