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SunSirs: Domestic Neopentyl Glycol Fell 4.08% Last Week

July 01 2022 11:16:04     

1、 Price trend

It can be seen from the above figure that the domestic market price of neopentyl glycol fell slightly this week. Last week, the average price of neopentyl glycol in the domestic mainstream market fell from 16333.33 RMB/ton last weekend to 15666.67 RMB/ton this weekend, a decrease of 4.08%.

2、 Market analysis

The price of neopentyl glycol from mainstream manufacturers fell last week: the selling price of Jinan aochen Wanhua neopentyl glycol at the weekend was 16000 RMB/ton, which was 500 RMB/ton lower than that at the weekend two weeks ago; Zibo de synthetic Feng neopentyl glycol sold at a price of 13000 RMB/ton over the weekend, down 3000 RMB/ton compared with last weekend. The delivery price of neopentyl glycol of Chongqing Kaiyin Jihua at the weekend was 18000 RMB/ton, which was 1500 RMB/ton higher than that at the weekend two weeks ago.

From the upstream raw material market of neopentyl glycol, the domestic isobutyraldehyde market price fell sharply last week. Last week, the average price of isobutyraldehyde in the mainstream domestic market fell from 13933.33 RMB/ton last weekend to 9400.00 RMB/ton this weekend, a decrease of 32.54%. The market price of upstream raw materials fell sharply, and the cost support weakened. Affected by the supply and demand side, it had a negative impact on the price of neopentyl glycol.

3、 Aftermarket forecast

In the first ten days of July, the market trend of neopentyl glycol may fluctuate slightly and fall mainly. The upstream isobutyraldehyde market fell sharply, the cost support weakened, the weather became hotter, the downstream coating market entered the off-season, and the downstream purchasing enthusiasm weakened. The neopentyl glycol analyst of SunSirs believes that under the influence of supply and demand, raw materials and other aspects of the short-term neopentyl glycol market, the market price may fluctuate slightly and fall mainly.

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