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SunSirs: Weak adjustment of corn starch price last week

June 14 2022 09:13:28     

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the price of domestic corn starch was slightly adjusted last week. The average price of first-class corn starch at the beginning of last week was 3424.00 RMB/ton, and the average price at the weekend was 3400.00 RMB/ton, down 0.70% during the week.

In June, the supply pressure on the domestic corn market increased slightly, resulting in a slight drop in the domestic corn market price, a slight drop in the raw material cost, and a weak adjustment in the domestic corn starch market price. Last week, the overall domestic corn starch market price fell by 0.70%.

According to the corn starch product analyst of SunSirs, the problem of slack corn starch Market in peak season still exists, the corn price has dropped slightly, and under the dual pressure of cost and demand, it is expected that the domestic corn starch market price will still have some room for reduction in the short term

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