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SunSirs:This week, the price of potassium carbonate was at a high level

April 15 2022 13:41:02     

According to the data monitored by the SunSirs, the average ex factory tax price of the mainstream light potassium carbonate in Shanxi this week was 9066.67 RMB/ton. The current price increased by 5.43% month on month, and the current price increased by 35.58% year-on-year.

Potassium carbonate

The price of potassium carbonate was mainly stable this week. It can be seen from the above figure that after the sharp rise in the potassium carbonate Market in 2022, the market has been stable for a consecutive month, including this week, mainly because the potassium carbonate market is at a high level, the downstream procurement maintains rigid demand, the potassium carbonate manufacturers have not adjusted the price, arranged the order and shipped the goods, and the potassium carbonate market has been shaken and consolidated.

According to the statistics of SunSirs: the mainstream factory quotation range of domestic industrial grade potassium carbonate this week is about 9300 RMB/ton (the quotation is for reference only). The quotation is different according to different procurement conditions.

Recently, the domestic market price of imported potassium chloride is temporarily stable. Recently, the freight is high, it is difficult to find a car and the supply of goods is tight. At present, the price of 62% white potassium in the port is about 4950-5000 RMB/ton; The price of 60% Red granules in the port has been raised by about 5000-5200 RMB/ton. 62% Russian White potassium in border trade is about 4800-4900 RMB/ton. The ex factory price of potassium chloride in domestic salt lakes is about 3500 RMB/ton, and the first arrival price is about 3900 RMB/ton. The market price of 60% white potassium in domestic potassium is about 4000-4700 RMB/ton. The high price of potassium chloride can give strong cost support to potassium carbonate.

Recently, the supply of potash fertilizer from the State Reserve is mostly in transportation, and a small amount of imported potassium is supplemented by new sources. The supply of potassium chloride is still tight, the market remains high, and the cost support is good. It is expected that the price of potassium carbonate will mainly rise in the short term, and the long-term market still needs to wait and see. (the above prices are provided by major manufacturers of potassium nitrate all over the country and sorted and analyzed by potassium carbonate analysts of business society. They are for reference only. Please contact relevant manufacturers for more price details).

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