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SunSirs: The Sales of Manufacturers Were Acceptable and the Melamine Market Was Still Running Stably

August 06 2020 15:15:29     SunSirs (John)

Price trend

Since late July, the melamine market has risen. According to the monitoring sample data of SunSirs, as of August 5, the average price of melamine companies was 53,33.33 RMB/ton, an increase of 5.26% compared with July 20 (5,066.67 RMB/ton), with a three-month cycle,  increased 4.58%.

Analysis review

At present, the operating rate of melamine is about 60%. The company is supported by the previous orders, the sales situation is acceptable, the supply is tight, and the focus of the melamine market negotiation has shifted upward.

Recently (July 20-August 5) upstream urea, the market in Shandong has risen, and the increase during this period was 5.70%. The upstream liquid ammonia has risen slightly recently, and the cost support is strong. Affected by the Indian bidding event, the downstream demand is strong. The rubber sheet factory and the compound fertilizer factory are following up appropriately, and the middlemen are cautious in receiving the goods.

Market outlook

The melamine analyst of SunSirs believes that the recent rise in the price of raw material urea and the strengthening of cost support, the demand for melamine is average, but the supply is tight and the market atmosphere is acceptable. It is expected that the melamine market may be firm in the short term.

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