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SunSirs: Under Insufficient Demand, the Market Outlook of Silicone DMC Is Difficult to Be Optimistic

July 10 2020 14:55:54     SunSirs (John)

According to the data monitored by SunSirs, as of July 9, the average price of the silicone DMC market quoted in the mainstream data monitoring area was around 17,466 RMB/ton, compared with July 1, the average price fell by 67 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.38 %, compared with June 1, the average price rose by 1,933 RMB/ton, an increase of 12.45%. From the beginning of June to the present, the maximum amplitude of silicone DMC is 12.88%.

In June, after three consecutive weeks of increase, the game of supply and demand became the key at the end of the month

In the past June, the domestic silicone DMC market has risen for three consecutive weeks, with an increase of more than 12%, under the combined support of low operating rates, reduction in factory supply sources, and a favorable downstream demand atmosphere. In late June, downstream demand showed signs of declining, the market prices stopped rising and stabilized, and some regions experienced mixed ups and downs. The turbulence in the market caused the downstream wait-and-see mood to increase. However, the inventory of silicone DMC was still low, and the pressure on the supply side was not large. Therefore, most manufacturers' quotations were still strong, and the market prices were quickly corrected at the end of the month, but most of them were mainly factory prices. The turmoil in this market sounded the alarm bell for the silicone DMC market in July.

In July, the demand for silicone DMC was blocked, and the price was difficult to keep

In July, the downstream demand for silicone DMC continued to weaken, and the factory operating rate had increased. Although the current inventory is low, it is difficult to hide the market situation. the market for silicone DMC continued to show signs of inadequate momentum. Factories tended to stabilize current prices as their primary task. However, under the stalemate of supply and demand, downstream shipments were blocked, and enquiries were scarce. In the past few days, some factory inventories accumulated gradually, and price stability was difficult to maintain. The offer fell slightly, ranging from 200-300 RMB/ton. On the 6th, according to data from the sales agency, the average factory price of silicone DMC was 17,366 RMB/ton, down 170 RMB/ton from July 1. However, the DMC inventory of most factories was still low, so the quotations from manufacturers were mostly strong. On the next 8 days, the market retreated slightly to an average price of 17,466 RMB/ton. At present, the mainstream ex-factory quotation of silicone DMC is 17,000-17800 RMB/ton, and a small number of high-end quotations are 18,000 RMB/ton, but the market trading atmosphere is not good, and new orders are rare.

Demand has not risen, short-term market is hardly optimistic

At present, the downstream silicone oil and silicone sales are not smooth, the transaction is deserted, and the market trend is mainly sideways. The industry's resistance to high-priced silicone DMC has increased, and the wait-and-see attitude is strong, and bearish sentiment breeds. Therefore, the short-term trend of silicone DMC is hard to be optimistic, and the price stability has been significantly weak. The market outlook for silicone DMC may decline significantly.

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