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SunSirs: Chemical, Domestic Propylene (Shandong) Market Fell steadily Last Week (April 20-24)

April 26 2020 10:05:53     SunSirs (Selena)

According to the data of SunSirs, the market price of propylene (Shandong) in China fell steadily last week, with the weekly high price of 5,968 RMB/ ton on April 20-21 at the beginning of the week; the weekly low price of 5,859 RMB/ ton on April 24 at the end of the week, with the weekly drop of 1.83%.

Analysis and Comment

Industry chain: in the upstream, affected by the international situation, many countries have introduced production reduction policies to improve the crude oil market, but recently the crude oil price is not very ideal and fluctuates frequently. On last Monday, the crude oil price in the United States dropped sharply again. On last Thursday, the crude oil price rebounded significantly, but the overall price was low, which was of limited benefit to the future market of propylene.

Under the influence of public health events COVID-19, the modified special material in PP is melt blown cloth raw material, and the price is soaring. PP futures have returned to rationality. Last week, PP spot fell in situ after the beginning of the week, with a weekly decline of 7.14% and a weekly amplitude of 7.98%, which had a little negative impact on propylene.

Last week, China's acrylic acid market fell slightly, with a weekly decline of 1.25%, having little impact on propylene; propylene oxide rose slightly, with a weekly increase of 0.87%, having little impact on propylene; epichlorohydrin remained stable throughout the line, with no increase or decrease, having no impact on propylene; n-butanol prices fell sharply, with a weekly decline of 12.35%, having a more significant negative impact on propylene; octanol market was also volatile The downward trend, however, was small, with a weekly decline of 1.73%, which had little impact on propylene.

Affected by COVID-19, isopropanol, as one of the raw materials of foreign disinfectants, finally stopped rising. Since Tuesday, it has a downward trend, with a weekly decline of 4.96% and a weekly amplitude of 6.13%, which may have a negative impact on propylene.

The phenol Market in Shandong declined slightly last week, with a weekly decline of 0.84%, with limited impact on propylene. Shandong acetone market rose sharply last week, up 10.26%, which has a certain positive impact on propylene.

Market Forecast

According to the propylene analyst of SunSirs, although the international crude oil market has a production reduction agreement, it is still controversial and the market is volatile, so the negative and positive impacts on propylene are limited. While the downstream PP futures have begun to return, and other downstream markets are also weak, and isopropanol market has also declined. Although there are still some downstream market bullish, the overall situation is relatively weak. It is expected that the price of propylene will start to stabilize in recent days, but it is not ruled out that there may be a small downward trend.


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