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GF-140 Triangle Tea Bag Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine
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Detailed Description

GF-140 Triangle Tea Bag Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine
The triangular inner tea bag is reduced by ultrasonic securing to generate a triangular three-dimensional internal tea bag with stunning bag form and also firm securing;
GF-140 Triangle tea bag inner & outer bag packaging machine Description.
1. The triangular inner tea bag is cut by ultrasonic sealing to create a triangular three-dimensional inner tea bag with beautiful bag form as well as firm securing;.
2. The packaging capability of the triangle tea bag machine: tea 1200-1800 bags/hour, internal and also outer bags product packaging capacity of 1200-1800 bags/hour, scented tea 600-1200 bags/hour according to the packaging materials.
3. Classified packaging products can be used to conveniently generate identified tea bags.
4. The cutting method (digital scale considering as well as reducing) can determine tea, particles as well as other products a lot more properly when altering the product packaging.
5. Use imported pneumatic components and also PLC controller. Touch movie screen operation makes the performance a lot more stable, basic to run and much more user-friendly.
6. The whole device takes on electromechanical assimilation, no need to shut down when changing information, no membrane layer alarm system, no material closure function.
7. The outer bag is constructed from heat-sealing composite movie, and the sealing temperature is operated on the touch screen utilizing component interaction control. The pattern can be made according to the customer's very own needs and instantly follow the label. The three-side sealing and also back securing are common equipment, which is convenient to readjust.


Machine main parameter


Triangle inner tea bag

Outer tea bag



20-30 bags/min


≤±2%(according to different material feature)For buckwheat the accuracy about +0.2-0.3g

≤±2%(according to different material feature)

Level scrap

<1%(no product fill,machine will stop to wait)

Follow the inner tea bag machine

Bag size

58-60mm(triangle size)

80*100mm(the length can adjust)

Roll width



Filling range

1-7g(according to different material)

1-7g(according to different material)

Film thickness

Nylon material 0.1mm


Packing material

Nylon, Polyester Mesh cloth, non-woven cloth, ultrasonic sealing material

Laminated film,PE,PP

Roll length



Roll inner dia



Air consumption

0.6Mpa 0.4m³/min

0.6Mpa 0.4m³/min





Single phase  220V   50Hz

Single phase  220V   50Hz

Machine total size

1200*1500*1950MM(include the weigher and working platform)

850*1800*1600mm(include the triangle inner tea bag conveyor)

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