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SunSirs: China's Precious Metal Prices were Weak and Stable on December 20
December 21 2021 08:22:55SunSirs(Linda)

Precious metal spot price trends

The average price of silver in the early trading on December 20 was RMB 4,706/kg, which was RMB 4,738/kg in the early trading on Friday (December 17), representing a decrease of 0.68%; compared with the spot price of silver at the beginning of the year (01.01) of RMB 5,550. /Kg, a decrease of 15.21%.

The spot market price of gold on December 20 was 371.25 yuan/g, which was an increase of 0.44% from the spot market price of 369.63 yuan/g last Friday (December 17), and was 366.42 yuan/g compared to the spot market price in early December (12.1). Grams, an increase of 1.32%; compared with the beginning of the year (01.01) gold spot price of 392.70 yuan / gram, down 5.46%.

Precious metal gold and silver price trend comparison in the past year

The precious metals gold and silver have relatively good convergence, and the price of silver has a larger amplitude, and the direction is basically the same. After the recent price cut, the silver price consolidated at a low level.

Macro policy factors

The central bank's open market today will conduct a 7-day reverse repo operation of 10 billion yuan and a 14-day reverse repo operation of 10 billion yuan. Another 10 billion yuan of reverse repurchase expired, and a net investment of 10 billion yuan was realized on that day. The winning bid rate for the 7-day reverse repurchase operation was 2.2% and the winning bid rate for the 14-day reverse repurchase operation was 2.35%.

The People's Bank of China announced the market quoted interest rate (LPR) for loans in December. Among them, the 1-year LPR interest rate was lowered to 3.80%, down 0.05% from the previous value of 3.85%; the 5-year LPR interest rate was maintained at 4.65%.

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