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SunSirs: Price of Corn Starch in the Chinese Market Continues to be Weak
November 25 2021 08:33:33SunSirs(Linda)

Entering the end of November, China's food industry is sad that the new season corn market continues to rise, the corn market supply is relatively loose, the corn price is under pressure and the corn inventory of starch manufacturers is replenished to a certain extent, and the corn purchase price is slightly reduced. Strong, relatively cautious purchases. In order to ensure shipments, starch manufacturers have successively lowered the ex-factory price of corn starch. Under the dual suppression of cost and demand, the domestic corn starch market price continued to weaken and adjusted. On November 24, the average price fell to 3,643.33 yuan/ton.

The number of new season corn on the market continues to increase, and the overall supply of the domestic corn market is more relaxed. In the short term, the overall price of corn starch will continue to be under pressure and adjust weakly.

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