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SunSirs: Purchasing Atmosphere is Weakening, Price of Cocoon Silk Fluctuates Slightly
October 27 2021 08:07:34SunSirs(Linda)

The domestic price of cocoon silk fluctuated slightly this month. As of October 26, the average market price of raw silk was 439,000 yuan/ton, with a monthly increase of 1.70% and a year-on-year increase of 45.12%. Dry cocoon continued to decline slightly, and the average market price was 147,000 yuan/ton, a monthly decrease of 2.00%, a year-on-year increase of 61.54%.

As the temperature continues to drop, the growth of mulberry leaves in mulberry fields has slowed down and farmers have become more difficult to raise silkworms. The sericulture and mulberry feeding work has basically entered the end of the year. Reduce. The production of new cocoons and new silk is still in progress. The sales and processing progress of raw silk this year is slower than last year's level.

Downstream textile companies are willing to increase raw material inventory, but demand will still restrict the enthusiasm for raw material procurement, the atmosphere for raw material procurement will become weaker, and the terminal will wait and see in stages. The factory still implements the work system of “open seven, stop three”, and the market has declined partially, and the price increase of new orders has greater resistance, and the terminal textile and apparel orders have not increased significantly. Close to Double Eleven, there are still some small sparks in the smooth delivery of silk products such as silk and cotton home textiles.

The harvesting and drying of autumn cocoons in various places has come to an end. Since October, the lack of peak textile season has become more obvious. In particular, the impact of limited electricity and production restrictions has led to a decrease in the purchase of raw materials by the market. With the double eleventh, double twelfth and Christmas seasons, home textiles and other consumer atmospheres have become increasingly strong, and the price of cocoon silk still has a certain upward space.

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