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SunSirs: The Seamless Tube Market Fell Slightly This Week (September 7-11)
September 14 2020 13:48:53SunSirs(John)

Price trend

According to statistics from SunSirs, the seamless pipe market was basically stable this week. At the beginning of the week, the price of seamless pipes on 20#, 108*4.5 was reported at 4,412.5 RMB/ton, and fell to 4,402.5 RMB/ton on weekends, a decrease of 0.23%, and a decrease of 0.98% from the beginning of the year and down 6.25% year-on-year.

Analysis review

The price of raw tube billet was stable

This week, the price of tube billet was mainly stable, and the 20# hot-rolled quotation was  3,810-4,290 RMB/ton. As of the 11st, the ex-factory price of the seamless tube plant: Tiangang 20# hot-rolling price was 3,800 RMB/ton, Linggang's price was 4,090 RMB/ton, and Zhongtian's price was 4,290 RMB/ton.

The seamless tube price of tube factory fell down

This week, the price of seamless tubes in the tube plant fell by 20-150 RMB/ton. Among them, 108*4.5 seamless tubes, Jinzhengyang 4,300 RMB/ton, Jinbaocheng 4,200 RMB/ton, Taizong 4,200 RMB/ton, Ruiganglian 4,250 RMB/ton, Meixin 4,150 RMB/ton.

Seamless tube inventory

The operating rate of 200 production lines nationwide (including 40 long-flow steel pipe plants) was 78.1%, an increase of 0.6 percentage point from last week (September 4). The total inventory was 984,000 tons, an increase of 8,000 tons from last week, and a week-on-week increase of 0.82%. Inventories increased for three consecutive weeks.

Market outlook

To sum up, the price reduction of seamless pipes in tube factories was mainly due to the difficulty of rising market prices, unsatisfactory high-priced transactions, accumulation of tube factory inventory, destocking pressure and cost pressure, and the dilemma of rising and falling. During the peak season, sales volume and sales are much higher than this year. After entering September, the inquiries showed a significant decreasing trend. Due to insufficient demand in the overall market, market supply and demand were unbalanced, and the price could not rise in a short period of time. It is expected that the seamless pipe market price may be weak and stable in the short term.

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