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SunSirs: Market Atmosphere is Light, Spandex Market Continues to Decline
March 23 2020 15:22:15SunSirs(Linda)

According to the monitoring of the price of SunSirs, the domestic spandex market showed a slight decline this week. The average price of the 40D specification as of March 20 was 31,700 yuan / ton, down 0.63% from the beginning of the week and 12.43% year-on-year.

Recent mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)

The domestic spandex market is weak and stable. Manufacturers are aggressive. The spandex industry has maintained a high level of 80% and stable supply. The mainstream negotiation of 20D spandex refers to 36,000-38,000 yuan / ton; the mainstream negotiation of 30D spandex refers to 34,000-35,000 yuan / ton; the mainstream negotiation of 40D spandex refers to 28,000-30,000 yuan / ton.

The raw material PTMEG market is operating steadily. The factory's offer is high and the market mentality is very high. The mainstream quotation for 1,800 grain sources is 15,000-15,500 yuan / ton, and the actual order negotiation is 14,200-15,200 yuan / ton. Pure MDI manufacturers are under pressure from inventory, the market is weak, and there are few on-site inquiries, traders are not well reorganized, and the overall market is deserted. The price in southern China is 14,500-14,800 yuan per ton of wire transfer barrels. Tons of wire transfer barrels.

The downstream spandex factories in various places have gradually resumed operation. The warp knitting market in Haining, Zhejiang Province has been temporarily maintained at around 40-50%, and the overall package yarn market in Yiwu Zhuji Yarn Market has been started at 40-50%. The downstream market for circular knitting machines in the region increased slightly, and the overall market remained around 50-60%. Jiangyin's orders for circular knitting yarns resumed slowly, and the overall circular knitting machines opened around 40%. Guangdong's packaged yarn companies started slightly better, with 60% Right and left, warp knitting enterprises started to increase, and warp knitting started at 60-70%. However, the actual demand for raw materials is weak, and wait and see.

The high cost has formed a certain support for spandex, but the recovery of demand is slow and the market trading atmosphere is light. Analysts of the business agency believe that the spandex market is expected to be stable and weak in the short term.

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